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Monthly Archive for December, 2012

Quickest way to lose a drag race

This maybe one of the worst way’s to lose a drag race. Just think of all the other thing that could go wrong. The possibilities are endless! After the green light drops you only have a split second to correct any problems before the run is a total loss. The driver of this G/CM ’69 […]

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First Pontiac G8 in the 9s

This is the very first Pontiac G8 to run in the 9s. Dragzine has a full writeup of the car, but here are the cliffnotes: The car was bought to carry kids around (hence the 4-door rather than a coupe), got some bolt ons, then he got bit by the speed bug and slapped a […]

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The tug of war is the ultimate display of vehicular strength.  Sure tractor pulls are basically the same thing but with a ton more weight, but it’s like track and field vs wrestling, with a tractor pull you’re only competing against times, in a tug of war you’re competing against another truck. Or SUV in […]

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